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Updated: May 14, 2019

Your guests are pretty amazing people – they have chosen to spend their time and money (and some have even come a long way) to be there for you on a very unique day in your life. So, you naturally want to make them feel excellent at your wedding!

How to create an original book of warm wishes your guests will actually enjoy signing? A few ideas to ponder…

· Guest book coasters. Want to make sure all of your guests will have a mini-guest book right under their noses? Design some coasters where they can actually write down their wishes. These are very unique and will make it easier for everyone to share their good thoughts.

· Family tree. Purchase a “family tree” wall décor piece and ask your guests to write their warm wishes on the “leaves” of the tree. This is an inexpensive, yet very stylish and sentimental way of replacing the traditional guest book. You can enjoy it for years to come as a focal art piece on your wall at home.

· Vinyl guest book. If you and your future spouse are big fans of music, bring this into your wedding by replacing the old-school guest book with a more “musical” version. Place a few old vinyls on a table and ask your guests to sign them – then, use these vinyls as décor for your future home! If you don’t know what “vinyls” are… we need to have a conversation.

· Messages in the bottle. Ask your guests to write their wishes on small pieces of paper and place the messages in a bottle. Open the bottle at your one-year anniversary and read the messages – it will make for a touchy, romantic and unforgettable moment!

Blackstone Rivers Ranch is a fantastic venue choice for your Big Day! Located just 35 minutes outside of Denver and surrounded by splendid natural landscapes, our venue can make your wedding feel truly unique and absolutely magical. Come visit us and book us for a luxurious event embraced by the beauty of nature itself!

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