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Today, as I was cleaning our Claim Jumper Cabin, I noticed how wonderful the light was, and how everything was in bloom! It seems that summer has officially hit the ranch! After the rain had gone away, it was bright and warm and was just so beautiful! I could not help myself but to take a ton of photos and walk the trails finding all the new things that had popped up in the past couple of days.

So, one question I had was, “Where did they get the name Claim Jumper Cabin”? I thought it was a very odd, yet unique name to give a guest house. So I did a little digging to see what it meant. I knew that it had to have some significance, given that everything at Blackstone Rivers Ranch is tied to mining and our wonderful western history in some way.

A claim jumper is someone who ‘seizes another claim of land, especially for mineral rights ( So naming our cabin the Claim Jumper is a humorous play on words. People are coming in and claiming our cabin for a night or two for some much needed relaxation and fun! The only difference is you’re not fighting us for our mineral rights.

If you would like to rent out our Claim Jumper Cabin, you can give us a call or find us on Airbnb. Our Claim Jumper Cabin can hold up to four people, it has a bathroom and shower with a kitchenette at your disposal. It has a lovely back deck where you can sit, drink some coffee (or some amazing wine), and watch the creek. It also backs up to the hiking trail that leads all the way up to Mount Evans. Give us a call!


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