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Updated: May 15, 2019

Your wedding should be fully you. It should be about the love story you share with the world, about the hopes you share with each other, and, ultimately, about the pure joy you want to share with the amazing people who’ve taken the time to be there for you.

Of course, you want your wedding day to be splendid from all points of view – so why not add a pop of color to cheer things up in a stylish way? We have gathered some of the most wonderful colorful wedding ideas out there – so read on if you’re on the lookout for inspiration:

· The shoes. Who said your outfit has to be white? In 2016, you can wear whatever colors you want on your Big Day – and accessorizing your gorgeous dress with colorful shoes will look absolutely spectacular. Try blue for that special lucky “something blue” you’ve been thinking, or try another color that suits your wedding color scheme – such as yellow, red, fuchsia or teal, for example.

· Be playful. The ultimate rule of style? There are no rules – just personality and good taste. So, if you were thinking oversized pink polka dots have no place in a wedding décor, think again. They look amazing on table linens, especially when paired with bright-colored centerpieces!

· Get precious. In love with jewel tones? That sapphire can be truly inspiring – not to mention those deep amethyst-like purple shades! Bring these jewel tones into your wedding and you will make everything look instantly elegant and vibrant. Imagine how amazing your groomsmen will look dressed in velvet-like, purple jackets!

· Take a seat. Want to decorate your wedding ceremony in a way that really makes your story pop with happiness and joy? Combine white chairs with bright-colored chairs, and, why not, with some colorful paper lanterns too. It will look whimsical, childish and romantic all at once!

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