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Updated: May 15, 2019

Your wedding is by far, one of the most splendid events in your life. Not only will it change everything for you and your loved one, but it will be a day to celebrate love itself. To celebrate hope, light and beauty. To be genuinely joyful, together with those you love the most – your dearest friends and family.

Your wedding deserves to be more than gorgeous – and lighting can play a hugely important role in this. How do you enhance your wedding with the most stunning lighting options? We have some ideas – so read on if you’re searching for inspiration.

· Festoon lights. Festive and pretty, festoon lights are commonly encountered in rustic-chic weddings – but they can work amazingly well with other outdoor wedding themes as well (e.g. a garden-themed wedding will look great with these lights too!).

· Playful and magical, lanterns can be either lit up for the purpose of décor, or they can be released into the air if you want to plan a fun and romantic activity with your wedding guests. Either way, they can add so much to your wedding ambiance!

· Hanging lights. If you are planning an elegant, but unique wedding, settle for hanging lights. They will add dimension to your venue’s space, and make it look more personal, more original, and, ultimately, more beautiful.

· Lit up messages. If you want to bring a nice, modern touch into your wedding day, incorporate illuminated letters into your décor. Even a simple “love” sign can say a lot, especially if it’s placed in an essential part of the reception venue (e.g. above the sweethearts’ table, for example).

Blackstone Rivers Ranch already provides you with amazing lighting – at no additional cost! We can be found just 35 minutes out of Denver. Surrounded by the most splendid mountainside and riverside location, our venue can offer sophistication, originality and timeless elegance for your Big Day – so contact us and book your personal tour! We guarantee you’ll love it here!

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