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Full Circle

Weddings are generally considered to be the happiest day of a couple’s life. And we could not imagine this Jaclyn and Zachary being any more blissful! With lots of love and laughter, Jaclyn and her sisters got ready for her big day. Their make-up and hair were perfected amongst giggles and well wishes, even as Zachary slid on his dark blue suit and readied himself for his wedding day, with the help of his groomsmen.

Excitement bubbling in the air, they shared their first look. Wide grins. Glistening eyes. Love a palpable thing, as they stared at each other in all of their wedding day finery. The moment was defining and poignant, as they both leaned in for a kiss amidst a dramatic dip. Playful, they managed funny and thoughtful photos with just themselves as well as ones that featured their bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Despite the excitement, the clouds seemed to open up with little regard for the bride and her dashing groom. It is a rare day when the ceremony has to be moved inside the tent, but comfort comes first sometimes! Notwithstanding the beauty of the falling rain as it glistened in the sun, and dripped from nearby trees, we were able to promptly move the wedding ceremony into the reception area with no trouble. We have a plan for everything! Violins playing, yellow and white flowers gently blowing, Jaclyn glided toward her soon-to-be-husband. Laid back and fun loving, the soon-to-be newlyweds met before all of their many friends and family and committed themselves to each other. With teary eyes and excited cheering and shouts of joy, Mr. and Mrs. were introduced.

With many toasts, well wishes, and heart-tugging speeches, family and friends welcomed the newly married couple. Laid out in the reception area amongst the glass bottles, flickering candles and flowers, were touching pictures of their family, bright eyed and overjoyed, on their wedding days of yore.

Under the cover of night, among the twinkling stars and the fairy lights strung throughout the reception area, the happy couple danced the night away with charming twirls, dramatic dips, and lots of laughter. Her two toned dress, with the lace and the intricate detailing on the back, flinting about the dance floor, Zachary had eyes only for his wife. She was truly the belle of the ball!

Wedding Photos By: Cayla Brooke Photography


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