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Updated: May 14, 2019

Long gone are the days when brides really had to follow traditions. Today, this is a matter of choice. Some couples choose to stick to customs and traditional wedding etiquette, while others choose to think out of the box and create an event that’s completely personalized, unique, and often defies tradition.

If you want to honor classic wedding traditions, while still capturing your own personal style and creativity, you should definitely know that there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Here are some fab ideas to help breathe “new life” into old wedding customs:

· Something old, something new. This is by far one of the oldest and most popular wedding customs – so you might want to have it for your wedding too. As a modern bride though, you can incorporate your “old, new, borrowed and blue” not only into your own attire – but in that of your groom’s as well. A great idea for the “Something old” could be a tie or suspenders passed down from the groom’s father or grandfather.

· Tossing rice. As tradition that’s meant to bring good luck, tossing rice at the wedding ceremony exit is still very popular with many brides. For a more creative touch, you can replace the rice with biodegradable confetti, soap bubbles or even paper airplanes to add a fun activity for guests. Whatever you decide, guests will be pleased and excited to try out the new alternative!

· Giving the bride away. Traditionally, the father of the bride “gives her away” at the altar. However, you can choose to be “given away” by both of your parents, an uncle, your brother or you can simply choose to not be “given away” at all.

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