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Photo: Selah Photography

When you think of an outdoor, rustic mountain wedding, the word ‘elegance’ does not necessarily come to mind. Unless that outdoor wedding is held at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. Here at this upscale wedding venue, you not only get the outdoorsy feel that we as Coloradans love, but you also get a level of sophistication that brides love. For the wedding of Justin and Lindsey on September 4th, 2016, you can see that they combined ‘elegance’ and ‘outdoorsy’ in the most perfect way.

The decorations and florals for this event looked as if they were out of a magazine. Whether on the dining tables, around the Creekside Lounge, or at the ceremony site, every decoration was full of life and color. At each guest table, the silver napkins were folded with skill, and were set perfectly across each plate. A favorite decoration of ours was the glass bulbs that hung from twine, underneath the two pine trees by the ceremony site. These glass bulbs held rose petals with vibrant pink and blush colors, and were hung at varying lengths. This small pop of color stood out among the natural mountain greens, yellows, and browns that were all around.

Lindsey was the first bride at Blackstone Rivers Ranch who chose to walk across the bridge into the ceremony. She walked hand-in-hand with her son, as she made a grand appearance to all who were watching. She was glowing as the sun shined down on her and her groom. Their radiance was undeniable. As guests moved into the tent for dinner, they “ooh’d and ahh’d” at the floral arrangements pinned against and around the two center tent poles. There were pieces of baby’s breath and roses tacked into the green wreaths. These floral arrangements brought the height of the tent down, having a cozying effect.

Lindsey and Justin chose to create a King’s table with five of the rustic tables that Blackstone provides. This table was positioned at the far end of the tent and was covered with a silver tablecloth, a long, full strand of greenery, and a mix of gold vases filled with colorful pink flowers. At the end of the King’s table, near the entrance of the tent, trunks were stacked on top of one another to bring different dimensions to the room. Golden, glass lanterns holding tall, white candles were at every turn. It was truly spectacular how they used each corner of Blackstone Rivers Ranch. At evening time, Lindsey changed into a reception dress that was sleek and stunning. Every time Justin looked at his new wife, he was smiling. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that they were head-over-heels for one another.


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