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Saying “I Do” is the most important part of your Big Day – and while you definitely want the best flowers and most exquisite foods on the table, you also want to make sure the wedding ceremony turns out as you have always dreamed it to be.

Sure, beautiful arrangements and a gorgeous location are ultimately the most important features for your reception, however what may be even more crucial for the ceremony, is making sure you choose the best wedding officiant.

How to do it? We have gathered some tips to help you navigate through the sometimes confusing range of wedding officiant options:

· Decide whether or not you want to have your ceremony in a house of worship. If you already belong to one, your search will be easier, as you can get married there. However, if you don’t belong to a specific denomination and/or congregation, you should start by searching the one that you feel closer to in terms of values and beliefs.

· Furthermore, be aware of the non-religious types of officiants too. For example, ordained ministers are usually civilians – such as relatives or friends of a couple – ordained with the right to perform wedding ceremonies. Also, Justices of Peace and Notaries are appointed at the state level as civil officiants. Last, but definitely not least, civil officials (such as county clerks, mayors, judges and lawyers) may have the right to perform civil ceremonies. Still, the best way to make sure your wedding officiant choice is legitimate and legal is to check with your state’s marriage laws (which, by the way, differ a lot from one state to another).

· Interview your officiant. Talk to him/her and see if his/her ideas suit yours. Also, don’t forget to ask about the ceremony “blueprint” and how personalized it is. Most of the wedding officiants allow couples to select readings, poems, Bible verses and create their own wedding vows – but, again, this may differ a lot from one officiant to another (and from one religious denomination to another).

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