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Wedding Day Filled with Special Moments

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Each wedding day is filled with special moments, especially the wedding day of the couple featured in today's blog post! The moment to start... a lovely father-daughter first look. Olivia, the bride, planned out an elaborate first look to be shared with her father. With the help of her friends, her bridesmaids and her mother they made the moment possible. Behind the back of the pavilion building, there is a staircase that leads up to the pavilion deck. On this staircase stood Olivia's friends and bridesmaids holding photos of Olivia when she was a child, specifically photos of her growing up with her father by her side. Olivia's father walked up the stairs surrounded by these photos and at the top of steps stood Olivia's mother holding a sign that read, "And here's our little princess." Behind Olivia's mother stood Olivia in her wedding gown. Another moment worth noting is the first look between Olivia and her groom, Kannon. One of our favorite looks we've ever seen on Olivia's face is from a photo captured during this first look. Olivia snuck up on Kannon holding a bottle of Smirnoff ice with the biggest grin on her face. While many first looks are filled with happy tears, Kannon and Olivia's was filled with humor. Humor was a star in most of the moments of this wedding day. Olivia and Kannon had moments looking into each other's eyes and laughing their way through their wedding day. Moments of smelling flowers, swinging over Chicago Creek, and tasting delicious food. Moments made this day unforgettable. Thank you, Joseph Nguyen, for capturing these moments.

Photographer: Joseph Nguyen | Videographer: Paul Robinson Photo + Video | Planner: As You Wish | Florist: The Bride & Mother of the Bride | Caterer: All Love Catering | Dessert: The Dessert Stand



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