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What happens when a Blackstone Rivers Ranch family member wants a private & intimate family-only wedding?

She gets exactly what she wants, of course! And she chose to have a Petite Wedding surrounded by glorious fall colors. We were so very proud to host our beloved niece, Natalie's fall wedding. Some of you may remember Ms. Natalie from our early years, when she was, "Natalie the Intern." Natalie was part of the heart and soul team that built Blackstone. You can find her talented touches throughout the ranch, as she is responsible for the hand-painted wagon cover that greets you as you arrive onsite, as well as the stunning, original painting in our ultra chic and feminine getting-ready suite (look right as you walk through the door!). We can't imagine her getting married to her beloved, Bill anywhere else on earth, but here in paradise!

The couple wanted a truly deeply romantic vibe, full of vibrant lush fall colors, with a dark and developed moody feel. The result was stunning, and perfect for a foggy fall day at Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

Photo Credit: Elevate Photography


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