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Updated: May 22, 2019

No other life event is as candid, as romantic, or as genuinely emotional as your wedding day. And, as the couple-to-be-married, you surely want this day’s uniqueness and beauty to be forever captured in splendid wedding photos.

Does that mean you have to give your wedding photographer a shot list? Many specialists say that this is actually the worst thing you can do – and here is why:

· If you have chosen to work with a professional photographer, you should leave things up to him. After all, he has years of experience in capturing amazing wedding shots – and the last thing he wants is to arrange people into formal pictures. Let him do the job and capture the natural loveliness of your wedding day!

· Most of the times, planned photos can be a huge stress for the bride, groom and whoever else is include in the pictures. Having to actually pose for your wedding photos will feel fake, it will take quite a lot of precious time and it may diminish the magic of these special moments. Let the beauty just happen – and let your photographer follow you around so that he captures the ingenuity of these moments!

· Last, but definitely not least, remember that giving your photographer a shot list may also lead to too much imitation. This is your wedding day and you are completely original as a couple! Don’t let trends or a glossy magazine dictate what photos you should or shouldn’t take on your own Big Day!

What do we recommend? Tell your photographer a few, VERY IMPORTANT things about how you like to be shot, and what is most important for you. Do you have a best side? Do you prefer to be shot from the front? Are there any profiles that they should specifically NOT shoot? Be sure to give some direction where necessary, but do not delete your photographer’s artistic integrity.

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