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The ranch is a place to be active and feel alive! When visiting, we love for our guests to be active and enjoy the many activities here and in the surrounding area. This summer the owners, and all of us working here are making an effort to include more exercise in our lives. Change is good and creating new habits isn’t so hard to achieve. All of our workouts are outdoors, taking full advantage of this magical place.

Some of our favorite workouts at the ranch include hiking, bouldering, stretching & yoga on the creek, and outdoor Woss workouts. Working out on the ranch is actually very relaxing. The weather is absolutely gorgeous the stunning mountain backdrop is hard to beat. Not only does the ranch provide a perfect space for working out on the deck, but just walking around the property’s 22 acres is a workout in itself. Yesterday we worked out on the Woss, today it’s a hike. Tomorrow…hmmm…we’ll see.

Are you looking for a personal weekend getaway, workout, wellness retreat, or just time to relax and rejuvenate? Come to Blackstone Rivers Ranch in the serene mountains of Idaho Springs, Colorado. Here, there’s time for a little bit of everything – adventure, good food, good wine, good friends, and the very best of times. Rent our Claim Jumper Cabin for a night, and wake up to the crisp and clean sounds of the creek right off your bedroom deck. Stay tuned for our next blog with ideas for active workouts right off our doorstep!

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