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Your Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist at Blackstone Rivers Ranch

Updated: Mar 28

Nestled amongst the picturesque landscapes of the Colorado Rockies, Blackstone Rivers Ranch stands as a canvas for creating wedding memories that last a lifetime. If you've chosen our stunning venue for your special day, it's time to embark on the journey of wedding planning. To ensure every detail is perfection, here's your ultimate wedding planning checklist tailored for Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

1. Tour Blackstone Rivers Ranch: Schedule a tour of our gorgeous grounds to acquaint yourself with the breathtaking surroundings, and various event spaces. Visualize your ceremony by the river, cocktails outdoors on the patio around the fire pit, and dinner + dancing under the stars and twinkling lights of our elegant tent. Confirm that the spaces align with your vision. We will help you. =)

2. Set the Date & Book our Venue: Next, select the perfect date for your celebration. Consider the seasons, weather, and any special significance the date may hold for you and your partner. Think about your budget, guest count, and what really matters for your day. Check with us for date availability and options. We offer various packages every day of the week, so work with our team to figure out the best plan for your vision and budget. Choose your perfect package, and VOILA! We're immediately on board to make your dream date all you have dreamt of!

3. Budget Breakdown: Establish a clear budget that covers all aspects of your wedding, from venue fees to catering, wedding coordinator, photography, videography, DJ, fashion, decor, etc. What is most important to you? Make sure you consider your top 3 things and budget accordingly. Want to party? Account for a good alcohol package. Want a videographer of your dreams? We know some great ones! 4. Choose Your Planner: Once you get your budget put together, you'll want to first hire your Planner and Caterer. These two vendors are the MOST important when it comes to making sure your wedding day runs flawlessly. This is why, of course, we have put together a required list of Caterers and Planners. These vendors have been fully vetted and know Blackstone very well. As for Planners, it is important to decide whether you would like a full wedding planning package, month-of coordination, or day-of coordination. At minimum, we require you hire a "day-of" or "month-of" coordinator. These individuals step in around 30 days before your wedding and help facilitate all the most important parts of your wedding! A full wedding Planner will help with every single detail for many months (sometimes a year) in advance of your wedding.

5. Catering Consultation: Discuss catering options with Blackstone Rivers Ranch's required catering partners. Consider menu options, dietary restrictions, and any special requests you may have. Schedule tastings to ensure the flavors align with your preferences. This is the fun part!!!

6. Guest List and Invitations: Finalize your guest list and create or select invitations that reflect the theme and style of your wedding. Ensure you have all the necessary details, including accommodation options for out-of-town guests.

7. Décor and Styling: Work with your wedding planner to design & coordinate the decor and styling of your chosen spaces. Consider the natural beauty of the surroundings and decide on floral arrangements, lighting, and any additional decor elements. If this is an area of your budget that you have allotted less money in, you're in luck. Blackstone has beautiful grass and flower beds in the summer time, there is minimal decor needed!

8. Photography and Videography: Hire a professional photographer and videographer to capture every precious moment. Discuss the key locations around Blackstone Rivers Ranch for stunning photo opportunities...there are plenty!

9. Entertainment and Music: Plan your entertainment, whether it's a live band, DJ, or a mix of both. Confirm the setup and sound requirements for your chosen spaces. We love live bands and do not have any noise ordinances. Ask for some of our favorite bands to get the party started!

10. Attire and Beauty: Choose your wedding attire and schedule fittings. Don't forget about wedding party attire (colors, what they will be holding down the aisle, etc.)! Plan hair and makeup trials, too, to ensure you achieve the perfect look for your special day. Couples often bring in hair and make-up artists to the venue, while some save on their budgets by getting ready off-site due to travel fees.

11. Timeline and Rehearsal: Collaborate with your wedding coordinator to create a detailed timeline for your wedding day. All rehearsals at Blackstone are scheduled from 9am-10am the day before your wedding. The most important people to have at the rehearsal is anyone who will be walking down the aisle - and that's it!

12. Transportation: Arrange transportation for the bridal party and guests if necessary. Many couples choose to have their guests stay and travel anywhere from Denver to Idaho Springs! Many couples coordinate shuttle service for their guests as well. It is important to note that Lyft and Uber are not reliable in our area. Definitely plan accordingly.

13. Lodging: There are numerous places to stay near Idaho Springs. Many couples choose hotels in Denver, Lakewood, Golden, or Evergreen. If you are wanting to stay locally, there is a terrific string of riverfront cabins right next door to us, called Water & Stone Retreat! These cabins can be viewed and rented here. 14. Wine Tasting: Attend our annual couple's wine tasting event! This event is scheduled the last week of April, or 1st week of May every year. This is our first event of the season with the tent up, and we look forward to hanging out with our couples while they sip delicious wine. Be sure to block out your schedule, as it's the perfect opportunity to pair your food with our amazing wine!

15. Choose your Alcohol Package: Our team will work with you to determine which alcohol package within our options fits your needs best. If you are looking for a truly customized bar package, consider adding on signature cocktails that reflect your taste and personalities. It is common to add additional time to your bar package if you want an extended party. Most couples add time to their package so they can get the most out of their night. We also offer a cash-bar option if your budget doesn't allow for a full bar.

16. Final Details: There will be a final details call scheduled with your chosen vendors, 4 weeks prior to your wedding. This is a great chance for you to confirm all details, double-check the timeline, and ensure everyone involved is on the same page. Relax and enjoy the excitement as your dream day approaches! After this meeting, you will feel SO much better!

As you embark on this enchanting journey at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, let this checklist be your guide to crafting a wedding day that mirrors the romance and beauty of your love story. From the flowing river to the majestic mountains, every element at Blackstone Rivers Ranch is ready to enhance the magic of your special day.

Images by Indy Pop Photo


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