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We tread lightly.  We volunteer.  We support small & family-owned businesses.  We give back.  We pay it forward.  We are BRR.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch consistently supports the following causes.
It is only possible because you support us. Thank you for helping us share the love.


Historical Society of Idaho Springs

We volunteer and donate funds annually to support the historic society and their preservation efforts. We have donated the Blackstone Rivers Ranch venue grounds to host their annual Gala fundraiser.  We received their 2019 President's Award for our "Unprecedented generosity and ongoing support of the Historical Society of Idaho Springs."

Loaves & Fishes of Idaho Springs

We donate a truckload of food annually to help supply food for local Idaho Springs residents in need.

Project Support Senior Center of Idaho Springs

We donate clothing and household goods annually.  We also deliver left over bouquets from time-to-time, on behalf of our couples from our weddings to brighten up the senior center in the summer months.

Additional Local Organizations we support:
Denver Rescue Mission

Colorado Public Radio (CPR)

Clear Creek County Advocates
Clear Creek Elementary School
Clear Creek Greenway Authority

Charlie's Place Animal Shelter (in honor of Dexter, Zuke, Odin & The Baby)

Please support the amazing businesses throughout our community!

National Smokejumpers Association & Wildland Firefighter Foundation

We donate funds annually to support these three foundations.  They are near and dear to our hearts.  We are a First Responder/Wildland Firefighting family and proudly serve nationally.

Go Fund Me
We contribute thousands of dollars each year to various people who touch our hearts. Don't hesitate to share your "passion pages" with us. If it pulls our heart strings, we will definitely share the love!

Additional National/International Organizations we support:
World Vision

American Red Cross

American Cancer Society (in honor of A, Y, J, D, & K)

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

The Women's Foundation of Colorado
Wounded Warrior Project

Susan G. Komen Foundation (in honor of mom)
St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital




The Blackstone Rivers Ranch location on the Rocky Mountain Front Range is perfectly situated just 35 minutes west of Denver, while feeling like it’s a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is 3 miles south of the quaint little mountain town of Idaho Springs – where the Colorado Gold Rush began!  At 8,000 feet above sea level, we’re still lowlander friendly. =)


The ranch can be found on Chicago Creek Road, also known as Highway 103 – the road that leads to Mount Blue Sky (formerly Mount Evans). Many of the design decisions for the ranch pay homage to Idaho Springs’ rich and exciting Colorado history, and is evident in its interior finishes, architecture, furnishings, landscape, various outdoor spaces and building names.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch’s story began like many do in the heart of the Rockies.  It was the WILD WEST!  The region was historically home to Ute and Arapaho tribal peoples, before being explored for gold and silver mining during the gold rush, along with logging operations in the 1800’s.  The ranch then served as a working llama ranch in the mid-1900s.  Today, it encompasses 22 acres and is family-owned and operated.  The owners have worked to create a place of love, relaxation and wonder.  They care deeply about this magical place, and are involved in the every-day operations.  It is their dream and they are so happy to share it with their guests.  They have devoted many years to creating what has become one of the premier destinations for discerning brides, music aficionados, business executives, and party-goers in the region.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch’s name is derived from its history and its topography.  The ranch is situated on several mining claims, one of them being The Blackstone Lode.  Guests enjoy two flowing creeks on the property.  The ceremony site and outdoor cocktail lounge borders Chicago Creek.  The gold rush actually began in 1859 where Chicago Creek meets Clear Creek, at the end of our road.  The second creek, Devils Creek, flows past the bedroom deck of the Claim Jumper Cabin.  Devilish shenanigans are known to occur there!  So from its historical native lands, to the gold mining days, to its period as a llama ranch, until today, you will enjoy the ranch as the stunning, waterfront, mountain experience that it is.  Thousands of years of history have created this piece of true Wild West heaven. 


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