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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The forecast in the weeks leading up to this beautiful Lovers Elopement read “80% chance of rain” for April 21st. However, when April 21st rolled around, there were only a few pillowy clouds in the sky. And the sun was in abundance; radiant, and beckoning a kiss to last a lifetime! Isn’t that how Colorado is? Sun, sun, sun…over 300 days a year!

Photos captured by Tom Bennett Photography.

Chris and Katey arrived at Blackstone to elope after having flown in from the state of Georgia. As Chris unpacked he and Katey’s luggage into the Honeymoon Suite, Katey received her first tour of Blackstone Rivers Ranch – they booked their Elopement from afar, after all. After loving everything she saw, she finally chose to have their ceremony site in front of the moss-covered rock wall, at the far side of the ranch. This beautiful private area was the perfect, intimate spot for such a sweet couple.

After the bride was finished getting ready, and Chris was in place, awaiting Katey’s entrance, she walked across the small bridge, overlooking our pond, to meet her handsome groom. They shared a special moment together during a simple wine ceremony. Vows were exchanged, and within 20 minutes the two were married and celebrating with kisses and hugs!

As our servers prepared the first course for the couple, Chris and Katey wandered around with their photographer to get as many shots as possible. Chris and Katey sat in front of the fireplace in the groom’s lounge as they enjoyed their first newlywed four-course meal together along with some beer and wine. The wedding cake was a succulent and moist, red velvet cake! This couple was over-the-moon in love with each other and headed back to the Claim Jumper Cabin early to get their Honeymoon romance off to a great start! Congratulations, Chris and Katey! We are so happy for you!!!

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