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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Our first wedding of the year!!! There was no better way to start off the 2017 Wedding Season than with the sweetest couple ever. Ross and Caitlin’s love for each other was breathtaking!

Photo captured by: Michele with One L

The day of April 7th came and went by with such ease. With light snow on the ground, Caitlin and Ross arrived on site dressed with joy in their spirit and assuredness in their bones. Caitlin and her bridesmaids had on beautiful satin floral robes as they gathered in the Bridal Suite to linger and share laughter and treas. Family and friends gathered within Blackstone’s guest lounge areas and began munching on food while waiting for the happy couple to finish their final touches. It was easy to see the love this family had for one another, everyone was wanting to serve and help however they could!

The Glory Hole Lounge was decorated Blackstone’s reclaimed wood tables and white dishware. Chairs were aligned perfectly, and a special “Mr. and Mrs.” sign was placed in front of the Bride and Grooms table setting. The ceremony time rolled around and the families began gathering on the wooden benches near the creek. Wooden signs with Bible verses embellished on them were scattered throughout the grounds. The flower girls walked from their mothers’ sides down the mulched isle to greet their fathers, who happened to be groomsmen. Within a few moments, Caitlin made her grand entrance across the bridge and everyone was in awe. After a quick sermon, reading, and prayer, the ceremony came to a close and family and friends clapped and cried in celebration of this newlywed couple. The family wandered around the grounds, snapping photos while the couple secluded themselves to take Bride and Groom shots. Caitlin and Ross drove a few minutes up the road (on the way toward Mount Evans) to take professional photos with the awe-inspiring mountain peaks as their backdrop. What a joy it was to see how much love this family had for one another. If every wedding was as beautifully easy as this one, we would take a thousand more. Congratulations Caitlin and Ross!


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