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Regardless of how large or small your wedding may be, you will definitely want everyone there to have the time of their lives. From your grandma to your old high-school classmate, you want every single guest at your wedding to be truly cheerful and to have tons of fun.

Obviously, this includes the youngest of your guests as well – the kids. If you are planning for your wedding to include children, take note! If not, your night may be wild… How do you actually entertain the little ones, though? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

· Plan a special space, just for them. Truth be told, some kids can be quite timid, so they will feel a lot better if they are surrounded by other kid. This can help them have more fun and socialize with those who are more or less the same age as they are. At Blackstone Rivers Ranch, our Glory Hole Lounge is the perfect meltdown room! We can play kids movies all day/night long, so the little ones can have fun, but not intrude on the festivities.

· Costume party. All children love role-playing games, so why not entertain their creativity and provide them with some fun costumes? To make it even more memorable, give the little ones access to a photo booth as well – they will surely have a lot of fun dressed up as their favorite heroes and characters, shooting photos in the booth!

· Arts and crafts. Many kids love creating things with their own hands – so why not make this a fun activity at your wedding? In kids’ special “play area”, organize a little table with various arts and crafts supplies. To make it more wedding-related, ask your very young guests to create something related to love or marriage – their creations will be more than cute!

Still searching for a wedding venue capable of accommodating you and your guests in true high style? Come visit

Blackstone Rivers Ranch! Just 35 minutes outside of Denver, in a splendid mountainside and riverside location, our sophisticated venue is here to make your Big Day feel completely and utterly unique. Come visit us and take a look at what we offer!



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