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Updated: May 14, 2019

Beautiful and delicate, your bridesmaids have signed up for a very important task: that of being truly there for you both before and during the Big Day. Of course, you want them to be radiant at your wedding – but how do you choose the very best dresses for them? We have some tips for you – so read on to be inspired.

· Start by searching for ideas. This is what you did with most of the other wedding planning issues and this is what you should do now as well. Browse different styles and colors – and then decide which one suits your vision for your day the most.

· Be very considerate of their budget. Most bridesmaids pay quite a lot for their friend’s wedding. It would be really nice to choose dresses that are affordable (and, preferably, re-usable as well).

· Don’t forget to stick to your schedule. Generally speaking, the bridesmaids’ dresses are to be picked after the wedding dress. However, do remember that you should allow some cushion time for the dresses to be ordered, to arrive, and to be altered. It is highly recommended that you order them at least six months before the actual wedding date.

· Choose the right colors. Most brides coordinate their bridesmaids’ dresses with their weddings’ colors. However, this doesn’t have to be the norm for you. One color in different shades, sparkly dresses in different colors or simply dresses with a certain chromatic resemblance (e.g. “all nudes”) and similar designs – you have all the freedom in the world, so choose colors that will suit your bridesmaids and your wedding style too.

· Remind your bridesmaids to bring the right lingerie. Even the most stunning designer creations have the tendency to look quite awful when not wearing the right undergarments.

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