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Updated: May 15, 2019

Your wedding cocktail hour is the bridge between an emotional ceremony and a fun, memorable reception. Therefore, you definitely want to make sure you plan this part of the wedding just as carefully as you do with the other two as well.

How to create the perfect cocktail hour for your big day? Here are some of the best tips to keep in mind:

· Stick to the schedule. It is called “the cocktail hour” for a good reason: you shouldn’t be staying away for more than one hour. Take your time off, shoot some pictures, but be sure you don’t make the guests wait for too long – they might get bored or annoyed and that’s a terrible way to start off a wedding reception.

· Offer great drinks and delicious snacks. This is not the time to pull out the most intricate meals – but a few delicious snacks will be more than helpful in boosting your guests’ mood and energy. What’s more, serving a tasty, unique signature cocktail can create a fun & festive atmosphere – it can really set the tone for what’s to come!

· Choose great music. The cocktail hour music should not be as peaceful and soothing as the ceremony, and shouldn’t be as highly energizing as the reception either. Strike the perfect balance with jazzy tunes, fun indie picks, uplifting chillout music, or any other songs you think are suitable to elevate the mood before the actual reception.

Blackstone Rivers Ranch is the kind of wedding venue that simply sticks to your memory. Located 35 minutes outside of Denver, on a splendid mountainside and riverside spot, we would be more than happy to help you have a dream wedding. Contact us, find out more about us and the weddings we host here and hire us for your own unforgettable Big Day!


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