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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

As a Maid of Honor, you have been charged with a truly amazing gift: that of playing one of the most important roles in your friend’s wedding and helping her create the dream event she has always wanted.

What are some of the things you should consider when it comes to the day of the wedding – the tasks you, as a Maid of Honor, should absolutely not forget?

· Be there for her. This is your main role before and during the wedding, precisely because the bride needs good friends on her side. She needs to be surrounded by people who love her unconditionally and who can provide her with an amazing system of support in times that are stressful. Offer your shoulder for her to lean on when, on her wedding day, something doesn’t go as planned. Offer her your jokes. Offer her your absolute love.

· Be prepared for accidents. We don’t like to think they happen – but alas, they do. So, if you want to make sure the bride is happy on her wedding day even if her uncle accidentally spills wine on her dress. Be sure to pack an SOS kit that includes all sorts of emergency goodies – such as bobby pins, stain remover, glue, deodorant, hairspray, and so on. Your friend will be more than grateful you came prepared!

· Help the other bridesmaids. Weddings can feel chaotic for those who didn’t have a hands-on approach to every step of the wedding planning. Since you are closer to the bride and since you were most likely involved in a lot of pre-wedding processes, you should help the other bridesmaids get coordinated as well. Gathering them for the photos, reminding them the order to enter the ceremony, or simply boosting their energy – these are some of the tasks you should consider.

· Give a toast. These days, most Maids of Honor are asked to give a toast – so take this opportunity and make it a truly unforgettable moment! Make it sentimental and funny, make it personal, make it unique! Everyone will love it!

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