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Festive Nuptuials

Weddings are as varied and as unique as the individuals coming together to celebrate their love with their friends and family. Our bride and groom had a truly lovely idea for how they envisioned their family-centered wedding. The sun high and bright, Melissa softly slipped behind her betrothed. A gentle breeze blowing her skirts about her, she gently tapped his anxious shoulder. Turning, a wide grin decorating his face, Adam took in his bride for the first time. His eyes saying more than any words possibly could, he pulled her towards him. Laughter on her lips, the two embraced. The start of their wedding day already a beautiful and special moment, they walked hand in hand over the fairy bridge and through the trout ponds posing for pictures as their guests arrived.

A Bellini welcome drink and a roaring fire already set up for all of their friends and family, the happy couple watched their guests parade through the foothills of the stunning Rocky Mountain wedding venue known as Blackstone Rivers Ranch as they headed to the ceremony site. Taking their places on the beautiful wood benches, everyone waited with bated breath as the beginning sounds of music floated into the air.

A parade of bridesmaids building both the tension and the excitement before the adorable flower girl tottered by, a handful of white petals falling from her fist. Knowing his bride wasn’t far behind, the groom’s gaze moved back down the aisle. An absolute vision in a backless white gown with slender straps, Melissa caught Adam’s eyes as the two smiled at one another.

Exchanging their vows before all of their family and friends the two finally celebrated becoming Mr. and Mrs. with raised arms and lots of cheering and laughing.

Everyone retiring to the reception tent, beautifully decorated with white blossoms featuring stunning pops of purples and yellows with lots of greenery, the bride and groom were officially introduced. Through heartwarming toasts and funny stories, lots of food and sweets, the happy couple were celebrated by everyone before taking to the dancefloor for their first dance under the fairy lights of the tent.

It wasn’t long though before guests split apart as the grounds were set up for a quite chatter by the giant firepit, a roaring game of Giant Jenga was played out on the grass, as well as a rousing game of Tic Tac Toe, lawn style, got underway by the steps of the pavilion. Even as a few guests leaned back in rocking chairs, enjoying the warmth of the afternoon sun as the fireplace crackled in the background.

Everyone had seemingly branched out for a good time, including Melissa and Adam as the pair moved about from event to event speaking with their guests and having a great time before heading off to sign their marriage contract. The two taking a quiet moment to reflect on the day, they cuddled into one another before each solemnly signed their names among their parents and witnesses before making their way back to the dancefloor and their guests.

Wedding Photography By: Larsen Photo Co


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