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Finding Blackstone

Meet Shannon & Tony. They are a sweet couple who met at Denver's Blues & Brews festival. During this festival, there was a major downpour that forced all the festival-goers to collect under the beer tents to stay dry. Shannon & Tony ended up standing next to each other under the tent and that's where the story began. Once it became time to start planning their wedding, they decided it was time to tour Blackstone Rivers Ranch... in the winter. During the winter months at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, the venue looks quite different. Our sail-cloth tent comes down to protect it from being damaged by the snow, the trees are bare of their leaves (as they typically lose them all in November), and most of the time, there is snow on the ground! Though things look very different at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we proceed to give tours to all inquiring couples. Shannon and Tony toured the Blackstone property in early January when everything looks quite different. None the less the two fell in love with the venue after their tour and decide to move forward with a July 2019 wedding. One thing that helped them plan their July wedding was Shannon's background. Shannon plans corporate events for a living. Though special events and corporate events are very different, her background gave the couple insight on what to expect from a venue, red flags to look out for, and whether the venue fit the vibe they were wanting for their wedding. Shannon and Tony knew they wanted a venue with an outdoor ceremony and reception as they wanted to show off the astonishing summer weather of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. Showing off the natural beauty of their surrounding was a key aspect for Shannon & Tony's wedding day. They wanted all their guests to feel comfortable and natural! By the photos below you can see they did a wonderful job accomplishing this. Their dinner was scrumptious barbecue which was wrapped up with a dessert of s'mores rather than cake! Thank you, Shannon & Tony, for celebrating your love with us!

Photographer: Lindy Hickman Photography | Planner & Florist: Something Styled | Caterer: Occasions Catering | DJ: Elite Entertainment | Transportation: Grace Coach Lines


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