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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Proposing to your loved one is more than a big moment – it’s a life-changing one!

Obviously, you want to make sure every single second of the proposal is perfect. But most of all, you want to make sure the ring you select is truly amazing.

What happens when diamonds aren’t your top choice – either because they’re too expensive (and you prefer saving for an unforgettable wedding), or simply because you know for a fact diamonds aren’t your significant other’s best friend?

We have gathered some alternative stone ideas for you.

· Sweet, romantic, and unexpected, this stone resembles pink diamonds – but comes at a better price. It can be incorporated in many beautiful ways, but if you are searching for a super feminine engagement ring, opt for rose gold – it’s trendy, but timeless at the same time, and it looks amazing on ladies who have a feminine, romantic sense of style.

· Swarovski crystals. When they first came out, these pretty crystals were meant to be a “diamond for everyone” – and truly, they live up to their original motto. They look stunning and they sparkle in a very similar way to diamonds. Moreover, they are versatile and come in numerous shapes and colors, which makes them excellent for a wide range of brides-to-be. Last, but definitely not least, although pricy in their own right (depending on the exact Swarovski crystals you opt for), they are far more affordable than diamonds.

· White sapphires. Unlike Swarovski crystals (which are actually a type of highly refined glass), white sapphires are precious stones – and they look fantastic too! They usually come at lower prices than diamonds and they can be incorporated in engagement rings the same way as diamonds.

· Colored gemstones. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts – they all look absolutely breathtaking, especially when the ring is designed around them and lets them be the star. Although less common than the classic diamond, colored gemstones can make for stunning engagement rings, so if you know your bride wants to stand out from the crowd (or if you know she’s not a big fan of diamonds) consider a colored stone for a one-of-a-kind ring!

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