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Grateful to Celebrate!

Updated: Mar 26

While 2020 was difficult on everyone, brides and their grooms had a particularly rough time celebrating their love for one another, on their own terms. For Jen and TJ, they didn’t let the disasters of this time bring them down, or drain their spirits as they planned their beautiful outdoor wedding.

Despite everything, they managed to uphold their happy outlook for the future, while channeling all of their positivity into planning their amazing wedding and reception at Blackstone Rivers Ranch! The natural beauty of the ranch and the easy-going nature of the planners was a major plus as it was easy for TJ and Jen to make their special day perfect.

TJ & Jen were so much fun for our venue team leading up to their special day. They were ecstatic when they finally learned that their wedding could actually take place, as planned. They attended several of our “Beach Bar” outdoor dining summer events, and scheduled time for themselves to enjoy many of our esoteric wines at our annual couples wine tasting event. TJ is a wine aficionado, so the wine date was a perfect accompaniment for their pre-wedding festivities.

As the excitement of the day swept them away, the happy couple drew off into the seclusion of the surrounding woods for romantic pictures. In the warm light of the sun, they seemed to only have tender smiles for one another. Whether an intimate kiss on the lighted bridge as the creek gurgled by, or a stolen moment under the majestic sweep of a treetop canopy, they radiated their love and affection for one another.

With subtle touches of pale pink, the bride drew everyone’s breath as she slowly descended down the aisle. With friends and loved ones watching from the live edge benches to either side, the bride was resplendent in her lace and tulle gown. Her joy reminding everyone of the beauty of being able to celebrate something as meaningful as a wedding.

Their overall theme complimented perfectly by her bouquet of soft purples, pale pinks, and vivid whites even as the reclaimed wood of the reception tables seemed to make the subtle pops of color all the more dramatic.

Clearly the long months of waiting have been worth it for Jen and TJ as they finally get to celebrate their nuptials!



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