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How to Eat on Your Wedding Day

Updated: Apr 2

“I can’t eat, I'm too excited!” sound familiar? Well it's very common but it would be the choice you

live to regret. You want to make sure you eat the morning of your wedding. Understanding how excited and nervous you are for your most important day, consider some of the following to ensure

a carefree and enjoyable day.

1) Timing is important. Definitely eat within an hour of waking up, midday if your ceremony is

later-day or evening and no later than an hour before the ceremony which allows your light meal to


2) Don’t try to eat anything that you haven't had before. Now is not the time to experiment because

it can cause a reaction or upset your stomach. Some of the best foods you can eat are protein rich

foods and foods with natural sugars and vitamins.

3) Consider eating light. A terrific option is a charcuterie box meal. These pre-prepped boxes are filled with a variety of delicious meats, cheeses, and fruits! Sometimes they will even sneak in some sweet fruit jams and chocolate! This box can fill you up enough to keep you ready to

go all day, but light enough to keep you feeling light on your feet, happy, healthy and beautiful. If this is too out of the ordinary for you, just go for what you normally like, just consider keeping it light, and smaller portions than you might normally choose.


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