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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Few moments of your life are going to be as charged with emotion as your wedding ceremony will be. There will be an entire influx of feelings – tears, happiness, and maybe even a little bit of fear (just enough to balance out all the other emotions).

How do you plan the wedding ceremony of your dreams? We have gathered some tips for you – so keep reading and find out more.

· Discuss it all with your loved ones. It takes two to make a wedding, and trust us when we say that he is looking forward to this moment just as much as you are. Talk about the location, the length, and the style of your wedding ceremony. Talk about how you both picture this special moment in your life, and how to make it happen in a way that will make both of you happy with it.

· Consider religious rules. If you and your fiancé want to have a religious wedding, do consider the rules of doing this. For instance, if you are Catholic, you will have to hold your wedding ceremony in a Catholic church, and you will have to follow the strict rules of the mass (including rules about music and wedding vows).

· Do you want the officiant to tell your love story as an introduction? This is a nice way to welcome guests into your love story and to create a romantic, emotional setting for the minutes to come. It doesn’t have to happen this way, though – your officiant can also simply thank the guests for coming and move on to the actual ceremony.

· Decide on what vows you want. Do you want to say the traditional wedding vows? Or maybe you want to personalize your wedding ceremony by writing and saying your own wedding vows? If the type of ceremony you have chosen allows you to do this and if you feel that you will not get too nervous about it, do it – unique wedding vows can make everything even more special!

Have you booked your wedding venue in Colorado? If you are still searching for the perfect landscape and waterscape to surround you on this magical day of your life, be sure to come and see what Blackstone Rivers Ranch has to offer. You will LOVE it here!


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