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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

ABSOLUTELY!! Though, your dinner plans during COVID-19 come with a few caveats. Take this opportunity to help local businesses, seek out sustainable solutions, and try to help those in need.

Work with local caterers that buy from small family run farms close to your venue. Request a menu that is local, and in season, to avoid shipping; Less waste and less cost!

You should discuss options with your caterer for leftovers, you will be surprised at what is possible! Some options may include donating to shelters or charity organizations; Some food banks will pick up chilled leftovers of unserved food.

Don't forget about your food waste. It is important to note that, just like with leftovers, most food scrap is not compostable; Whatever goes uneaten ends up in the trash. Some have figured out how to turn this bio-waste into energy, and happily put this to good use!

Lastly another option you should consider is donating waste to local farms who can use it as animal feed; Don't hesitate to discuss this with your caterer. Never limit the possibilities!

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