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Kelcy & Steph's Autumn Rich Wedding

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

In September 2019, Kelcy and Steph got married at Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

They celebrated their love for each other in the Autumn rich atmosphere. Not only was autumn evident in the leaves and trees but also the design elements of their wedding. Steph wore a maroon suit with a bow tie and suspenders. His suit matched the tone of the varying bridesmaids dresses. And together, the maids and Kelcy donned denim jackets with their names hand-painted on the back. The addition of the denim dress to Kelcy's stunning, lace gown (filled with family history might we add) gave off a laid-back vibe that the couple exuded.

The Autumn richness went on past the wardrobe choices of the bridal party. At the end of the wedding ceremony, the wedding guests threw autumn leaves into the air in place of rice or rose petals. The aspen leafs thrown blended in seamlessly to the autumn atmosphere. After landing on the aisle and around the ceremony benches, the leaves looked as if they had fallen right off of the aspen trees that surround the Blackstone Rivers Ranch property.

These two were goofy, kind and compassionate. Rarely was there a moment throughout their wedding day that these two weren't dancing. They were too excited to stand still. Together they beamed at their son who is featured in several of the photos below. Their little boy embodies the love they share for one another.

Thank you Kelcy & Steph for sharing your wedding day with us!


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