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Kit and Ben's Petite Wedding

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Petite Weddings are such a unique and special way to celebrate your love.

The wedding in today’s blog post happened on a Saturday evening in mid-April of 2019. I know what you’re thinking: “I thought Blackstone Rivers Ranch’s wedding season was from May to October. How did this couple get married at Blackstone in April?” Well, let me fill you in.

During our off-season, we offer petite wedding packages and elopement packages. A petite wedding is 60 or less wedding guests. We also offer these packages during our regular wedding season from May to October. These smaller weddings can happen inside our pavilion building, where anything above 60 guests would be too much for dinner inside.

Kit and Ben decided on doing a petite wedding so their close family could enjoy their wedding on their terms. Kit & Ben have 3 children together and they were the only people who stood up at the ceremony site for this wedding. Their two sons wore matching grey suits with sky blue ties. And their daughter wore a white dress with lace cap sleeves. Having only their children stand at their side for the ceremony made for a touching family experience they will share forever.

Our team at Blackstone Rivers Ranch set up the ceremony site. The couple decided to have the space decorated with gold and glass fixtures, like the small lanterns holding flowers, and a folding table that was used during the ceremony.

This event, like all our petite weddings, was catered by La Cuisine of Evergreen Catering. They had a platted dinner served in the upstairs lounge of our pavilion building. They had a delicious selection of salmon or chicken, which was so delicious.

The couple used marble and rose gold coasters as both the place card and the favor for their guests. These coasters were a beautiful addition to the greenery they used as a runner on top of our rustic wood banquet tables.

Petite weddings are incredibly special because the guest list is made up of only those close enough to the family.

Thank you, Kit and Ben, for celebrating your day with us.


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