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Updated: May 22, 2019

Our very first Blonde Bombshell Bride! We just loved this couple – their radiance and huge hearts captured everyone in sight!

This was one of those weddings where you sit back and think, “Aren’t I supposed to be stressed about something? Why am I not feeling overwhelmed right now?” Everything about this evening was fun and relaxing. Danelle and Lance won the award for Most Creative Bride and Groom for this beautiful October wedding. This couple truly maximized on what Blackstone has to offer and decorated every nook and cranny of the space. Because of the simplicity of the ceremony site, which is an oval-shaped cement block backed by two grandiose pine trees, we allow for you to get creative with what you want that space to look like. Danelle’s father built their ceremony arch made from tree limbs and decorated with sheer sashes, both light pink and white. It was a beautiful breezy evening, making the sashes banter back and forth, as if it were dancing in agreement with the couple. All of the family pictures were taken under this special hand-made archway.

After the ceremony and the cocktail hour, guests gathered under the tent for dinner and dancing! During dinnertime, Lance and Danelle sat on a love sofa decorated with pillows on top of pillows. There was a simple ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ banner that hung from their table set for two. Because of the size of this wedding, the rustic tables that Blackstone provides were used for guest tables. Each guest table had a sheer, white vintage table runner that ran across the length of the table. The guest count was just under 100 so what already felt cozy from the charming vintage decorations, felt even cozier with guests seated toward the center of the tent.

After dinner and a little into the dancing, friends and family walked over to the fire pit to gather ‘round and make s’mores. Danelle and Lance supplied all the s’mores ingredients in a tin bucket wrapped in a plaid blanket. This was such a great way to make a fall wedding feel even more like fall! Not only were the s’mores tasty, but the fire was strong and warm. Guests were by the fire all night long, with their beverage of choice in hand.

The space that Blackstone has allows for freedom in where our guests can lounge throughout the night. Into the evening, guests could be found at varying locations – either in the Groom’s Lounge, Bridal Suite, the Glory Hole Lounge, or at the fire pit, guests happily lingered. This is the best kind of night… listening to good music and having nowhere to be but to be present.

Pictures captured by Katie Jones with Elevate Photography. Thank you so much Katie, for sharing these wonderful pictures with us!

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