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Make it Unique

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Your wedding should be unique to you.

Let’s talk about unique things you can do to make your wedding especially personal to you. Mallory and Tyler’s wedding is a great one to review to see what little add-ons you can do to make your wedding one that will stick with your guests for the rest of their lives.

Dishware and flatware is a good place to start. I want you to think for a second of the last wedding you went to. Do you remember what color the plates were? How about the flatware? That’s not the case with this wedding. Mallory and Tyler elected to have wooden chargers and gold flatware. They also elected to have varying water goblets in a rich yellow color.

But it’s more than just what was under the tent that made this wedding stand out for us. Tyler and Mallory had an unplugged ceremony, which is a very refreshing thing to see. Allowing the ceremony to be a moment that is held dear to those involved by taking out the ever-involved cellphones of the modern era is amazing. As you look through the photos below you will see there are a few photos of the ceremony, making it an intimate moment for those who were here for this event.

These two have such a beautiful love story, and these photos are only the beginning. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your big day, Mallory and Tyler. And thanks to all of your wonderful vendors who helped create such a beautiful event.

Photographer & Videographer: We Are Matt and Jess | Planner: Banks and Leaf | Florist & Decor: Yonder House | Catering: Blackbelly | Photobooth: Light Booth Photo | Linens: La Tavola | Transportation: Shofur



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