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Naturally Simplistic Wedding

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Early August weddings are always simply gleaming with nature up at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. Marie and TJ’s wedding was no exception!

As you can tell from the pictures to follow, this couple was no stranger to letting beauty speak. Even Marie’s simplistic wedding dress let her beauty shine. They did not come in with huge decorations or elaborate flowers; they came to the mountains to let the nature do the decorating. The couple decorated the ceremony site with a lasso, which they stood inside of.

Here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we pride ourselves on our historical link to the old west and we loved that this couple incorporated western flair into their celebration. Throughout our venue, you will find door handles that were the owner’s great-grandfather’s pickaxes, pictures from the Historical Society of Idaho Springs, and if you’re really lucky you’ll find a speck of gold in Chicago Creek. Marie and TJ tried their luck in the creek by taking some stunning photos in it, which did we mention happened before the ceremony? Within their photos you will find a few shots of their officiant (TJ’s uncle) wearing a western-style suit, topped with a bolo tie and a cowboy hat.

Thank you to both this lovely couple and Yellow Paddle Photography for allowing the beauty of the Colorado Rocky Mountains to pop throughout this stunning wedding.


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