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Non-Traditional is the New Traditional

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

There is something absolutely nostalgic about the traditional idea of a wedding. Most of us have dreamed of that special day since childhood: the white dress, the black suites, matching bridesmaids and groomsmen, beautiful decorations, multi-tiered cakes, and bejeweled wedding rings. No matter how simple or extravagant your wedding celebration, you can never go wrong with traditional wedding plans.

However, keeping it traditional still allows for unique themes! While many brides and grooms consider gardens, beaches, boho-chic, vintage, contemporary and glamorous style wedding themes just to name a few, there are those who consider a more un-traditional route.

What would an untraditional wedding even look like? Some guests may not understand your need to marry deep in the woods, high up on a mountain top, or while swimming with dolphins...and that’s ok! Do not let outside comments deter you from making your dream wedding come true. It is your special day, make sure it’s a memorable one!

Now one of my favorite subjects, FOOD! We have discussed this somewhat since Covid started. So I really want to pull your focus more on the cake! Or, I guess, the lack of a cake. One of the most popular alternatives to wedding cake is doughnuts. These can be served on a pegboard or stacked like a cake. Realistically, you can do something similar with any baked good or pastry rather we're talking extravagant cupcakes, dainty cake pops, yummy cookies, freshly baked muffins, delicious cinnamon rolls, mouth-watering waffles, etc...!

Let's not leave out our more savory options either! How you display your wedding food is completely up to your own personal style, and love of food. One of my favorite examples of this is stacked artisanal cheeses and cured meats. Space saving and stunning!

Another area up for interpretation is jewelry! While it can be a sensitive subject, by discussing this honestly with your loved one you'll both discover what fits best. Go elegant or chic, bold or luxurious. Have fun with it. Shake things up a bit! Wear a tiara or crown. Have custom rings made out of a material that you feel represents your relationship. Don’t like rings? Go with necklaces or even nix the jewelry all together! It is completely up to you and what you want from your wedding day.

There is no perfect wedding, and there is no specific list of rules for planning your celebration. It’s your special day and you should celebrate in a way that reflects your love for one another. Don't be afraid to think outside the box. Keep it fun and do what you want!

Photo: Hailey Pierce Photography


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