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October Wedding Perks

Photo by: Lindy Hickman Photography

Not only is October a beautiful month with the cool air and fiery-colored trees, but if you love the Fall season or Halloween, it can be a huge draw for an autumn wedding! The temperature will work with whatever dress you choose, however you *may* need an elegant shawl this time of year at the ranch. For our mountain setting, a bit of fur/faux fur sends all the right elegant & cozy vibes. You can even go 'stunning and statement-making' by donning a black wedding dress! Though the summer sun shines well into October, it does get colder. You can typically plan for the temperature at Blackstone Rivers Ranch to be about 10 degrees cooler than Denver this time of year. Not to worry! We will provide you with outdoor heaters to use during the event, making that cooler air to be just what the doctor ordered (especially when partying all night long).

For decorations, consider seasonal white mini pumpkin centerpieces or wildflowers! You could also choose roses alone, for a more classic and timeless look. Try bits of orange or gold in your invitations to really bring in that Fall feel. We love all the warm tones that Fall ushers in.

Aside from the actual wedding, there are so many fun things to explore in our local Colorado towns when things get cooler... your out-of-town guests will have much to choose from for entertainment around your wedding date. Not only is it the perfect time for a scenic drive and showing off our Fall colors, but out of town guests can sample the local eateries that we are famous for, and enjoy a top notch Octoberfest celebration! We LOOOOVE you, October <3



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