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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Petite Weddings are different from Elopements, which are quick spontaneous events with few or no guests. Although we have packages for both types of events here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, this post is about Petite Weddings - one of our most favorite types of intimate, joyous celebrations.

First, What Are Petite Weddings?

Petite Weddings include all the normal things you’d find in a traditional ceremony: a beautiful venue, photographer, cake, and decor, but it's on a much smaller scale. Petite Weddings are typically for couples who seek for a more intimate and affordable wedding ceremony. Petite Weddings are proof that just because a wedding is small, it is in no way any less glamorous or fun. So, what do Petite Weddings entail?

· A Smaller Budget

If you have fewer people coming, you’re definitely going to spend less. Your petite wedding won’t have you injuring your bank account. Rather than cutting corners, if you can’t afford a big wedding, why not just have everything perfect and how you imagined it... but with fewer people?

· A Smaller Number of Guests

We’ve already talked about this one to some extent above. The guest list might be tricky if you know a lot of people. Just try to keep it simple, and remember that a happily-ever-after is what matters most when it comes to your wedding. You reduce your chances of going into debt because you threw a blown-out wedding.

· Your Entertainment IS Your most loved guests

It’s easier to get everyone more involved in your wedding fun when the number of people is smaller. The more involved everyone is, the more fun you will have. It also won’t be diluted, because as a couple you can relate with everyone individually. You can personalize your entertainment and games and try to get everyone seated at one table so no one feels left out. Our Petite Weddings don't include dancing - they are simply meant to be an amazing wedding ceremony, coupled w/ a fine dining experience. They could not be more perfect at this time in our lives!

Considering having a Petite Wedding? We have just the package for you here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. Combine that with our beautiful venue here in Colorado and the result is a wedding that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Click on our Say Hello tab and give us a call!


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