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The past few days, we’ve had afternoon showers here in Idaho Springs, Colorado. Which, you would think might ruin a full day of productivity and any sort of fun. Wrong! The afternoon spring showers are refreshing, and reflect light off the aspen leaves. It’s truly beautiful. Things have been moving along quite nicely, and quite swiftly! So much work is happening, and I am so excited for all of it! I’ve been impressed with the amount of work that has been done in just one day!

The other day I had a day off at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. I spent my day exploring Denver, and had an absolute blast! I went shopping, did some climbing, made some friends in the process, and then headed back up the hill. While in Denver, it had been raining up here in Idaho Springs, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so wonderfully magical in my life. From the foothills, you could see the clouds and the lightening, but it was so clear towards the top that you could see the snow on the mountain top from the foothills. Never once have I seen something so beautiful…if only I had my camera! That was a moment I wish I could share!

One concern that I’ve been hearing is “What if there is rain”? Do not fret if there is rain on your special day! Rain up here is truly something else and is something beautiful in and of itself. Embrace it! Our weather is very similar to Denver’s – usually just about 8-10 degrees cooler. Our afternoon showers move in quickly, cool things off, and move out swiftly. If it does happen, we have solutions to your problem! Just be sure to ask and we’ll be ready to help! Blackstone Rivers Ranch is totally prepared for any occasion!



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