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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

It seems not too long ago we witnessed the 2019 wedding dress trends – but as we all know, fashion never sleeps, and we can now take a glimpse and look forward to what 2020 will bring.

This is exciting news, especially if you have recently gotten engaged and want to set your

wedding date for next spring or summer!

What are some of the top trends that will mark 2020?

We have the inside scoop – so read on and find out more.

· Bridal suits…with a train. This might sound odd, but we bet you will love the idea, especially if you adore the more daring side of fashion. If you are a bride that doesn’t want to wear a traditional wedding dress, a suit is a fun alternative that will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish. If you decide to go with a bridal suit why not opt for something more haute couture and over the top, like a suit that has some sort of train attached to its upper part? We have already seen examples on the runway with back bows that extend extravagantly into a train. How would you take this trend to the next level?

· Blazers. Since bridal suits are growing in popularity, it only makes sense that blazers would follow. The main difference between a blazer and a bridal suit is the versatility. A blazer can be worn with a variety of bottoms – you can pair it with shorts, trousers, a skirt, or you can wear it on top of your actual wedding dress, especially if it has a very minimalist and clean lines.

· Crochet lace. On the opposite end of the spectrum is crocheted lace. If you want to look ultra-feminine and romantic, crochet lace is the trend you should follow for your 2020 wedding. There’s so much delicacy and sweetness in this type of lace – and next year, it will be everywhere (so expect to see dresses that are crochet lace from head to toe). This is not necessarily a trend that excludes the other ones here – can you imagine a top that’s all crochet lace, worn with a nice and polished blazer and a pair of white trousers? How would you interpret this trend and make it your own?

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1 Comment

chinnu teja
chinnu teja
Aug 19, 2019

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