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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Hiring the right wedding vendors is absolutely crucial if you want your Big Day to be truly fabulous. How to make the selection, though? How to choose a handful few of specialists, when there are so many of them available on the market?

Read on and learn about hiring your wedding vendors.

· Ask for recommendations. This is one of the first steps to make if you want to trim down the wide range of options available – especially in areas centered around large cities. Ask your wedding planner, ask your friends and family and, ultimately, ask us, your venue. Truth be told, we have seen many vendors hard at work. We know which ones are amazing, and which leave a lot to be desired. We have worked together before, know some you should steer clear of, and others who will make a great team for your wedding day!

· Search and investigate. Do they have a website? If they don’t have an actual website, they may not be as reliable or professional as you need them to be. If they do have a site, make sure you look at their portfolios and blogs. Both of these features will give you a better idea of who your vendors are, how they work and in the end, if they are compatible with your wedding style.

· Lastly, do make sure you set up face-to-face interviews. This is the best way to test if you and your vendors would get along and if you “click” together. If you don’t get a fully positive vibe out of your vendors, you might want to work with someone else.

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