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Updated: May 22, 2019

It is difficult to draw up a more perfect day than October 1, 2016. The fall weather was welcoming to all who arrived for the wedding at Blackstone Rivers Ranch. The breeze of the mountain air was a cool relief to the sun’s harsh gaze and the bright yellow Aspen leaves fell in an almost timely manner. The beautiful Chicago Creek bubbled through the Ranch with excitement as guests arrived. There was a feeling that this day was meant to be.

The time drew to 11:00am and Rachel made her appearance. The beautiful, red-headed bride walked in and all you could see was her radiant smile. The Blackstone Rivers Ranch crew directed her towards the Bride’s Suite, which held complimentary coffee and beverages. Family and friends gathered in the Glory Hole Lounge to relax and prepare for an evening of fun. A game was turned on in the Groom’s Suite and all was at peace. The hustle and bustle of preparing for an unforgettable day was about to begin!

The reception tables were set with flowers standing in old liquor jars, and hand-made signs that quoted well-fitting lyrics. Pictures were set up around the Ranch on old rustic wooden slats. There was a beautiful sunflower-decorated arch that was being prepared on the ceremony grounds. Friends and family who loved this couple had come to celebrate and help the day flow smoothly.

It neared 3:00pm when Rachel made her grand appearance to walk down the isle toward her future husband, Troy. The mountains in the background made for a picture-perfect rustic wedding. Rachel’s halter-styled dress traced the wooded center isle as this wedding came to life. Her hair was pulled back into a low bun and she wore a smile that screamed for joy.

The beautiful couple said their “I do’s” and everyone gathered near the Creekside Lounge to celebrate and tell stories of this newly married couple. Drinks and hors d’oeuvre’s were served as guests gathered around scattered cocktail tables and the Creekside fire pit. As people were finishing their drinks, the DJ invited the attendees to come under the tent for their lesson in swing dancing. What a great idea for a perfect fall evening. This crowd was a willing one; everyone joined in! Rachel and Troy awed the crowd as they displayed their talent on the dance floor. This was a couple whose love for one another was as big as the mountains around them. The night slowly came to an end, and Rachel and Troy danced their last song. This couple did not have the worry of driving to their next location because right up the gravel road, awaiting their stay, was The Claimjumper Cabin booked for two.



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