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Tying It All Together

Wedding themes dominating your every waking moment? Frustrated? With so many wedding theme options out there, it can feel quite overwhelming to narrow down your choices to just one. Are you leaning toward traditional? Feeling all of the fairy tale vibes? Shouting boho? Somewhere in-between?

Maybe an easier place to start, not to mention a million times more fun, would be with the wedding dress as the theme and the dress typically tie in together. You may have already considered the way you want your dress to fit, what curves you want extenuated, how you want to feel in your wedding gown. You may even already know whether you want it to be a fit-and-flare or a princess ball gown. However, have you considered that the fabric your dress is made of plays an important role as well? Knowing what kind of fabrics you feel good in and how they’re best worn, can make the process of finding your perfect dress, and working out your overall theme, less overwhelming.

While style and silhouette of your wedding gown will mainly dictate the kind of fabric you choose for your gown. Lace, silk, chiffon, crepe and satin are the some of the most common types of fabric for a wedding dress, though don’t let us downplay gazar or dupioni! Though that’s not to say that there may be more fabric choices than wedding themes!

Extremely diverse in pattern, texture, weight and embellishments, lace is universally loved by most cultures. It is the epitome of romance and can be very elegant or even casual if you wish. Lace is a clear favorite for it’s delicate, and feminine looks that compliment any figure. Vintage or modern. Casual or Extravagant. Lace can offer a lot. Due to its open work designs and how lace can be crafted like snowflakes, each unique fabric style of lace can exude a different idea to really showcase a bride’s personality.

Hands down one of the most traditional fabrics, very regal and elegant, silk is not only timeless but quite versatile. A lot of how this type of fabric fits the body largely depends on how it is woven. Perfect for those brides looking for a dramatic ball gown or even fit-and-flare styles. There are several types of silk that is more commonly used for wedding gowns such as faille, gazar, shantung, and duipioni that allow the fabric to range from highly structured and stiff to extremely light and flowy.

Easily dressed up or down, Chiffon can give you a breathtakingly flowy look while keeping you comfortable throughout your wedding day. Very light with an ethereal vibe perfect for any boho or beach bride. Though the way it is woven can make the fabric feel a slight bit rough to the touch, it typically isn’t all that noticeable given that the inside of the dress is usually lined with a soft material.

Gauzy and crinkled, crepe is the perfect fabric for soft silhouettes such as a classic A-line or mermaid dress. Excellent for accentuating curves, and complex draping. It is also incredibly soft as it is typically made using silk or lightweight rayon. Great for sheath or fit-and-flare silhouettes and perfect for the summer.

For decades satin reigned supreme in the hearts of many a bride! It is typically what a bride may think when she thinks of a very traditional wedding as the beauty of satin is in the sheen, the hand, and the drape. In general, it is a luxurious fabric that will help you to achieve a classy, modern look on your wedding day!

Regardless of what style or fabric you choose, we’re sure that you’ll find the perfect gown for your wedding day. As we all know, finding your dream gown puts you one step closer to discovering the overall theme of your dream wedding. Not to boast, but dream weddings are kind of our thing here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

Photos by: Caroline Ro Photography


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