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Wedding Photographer Turned Bride

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Being a wedding photographer and also a bride means that capturing unique aspects of your wedding day is incredibly important. The bride of this wedding, Becky, is a photographer! She and her groom, Nicholas, had quite the unique wedding day last July 2019. They had a small wedding with 50 of their closest loved ones. It was an intimate ceremony during our White Label Package. The White Label Package allows for the bride and groom to take full advantage of Blackstone Rivers Ranch for seven hours. Those seven hours are selected by the bride and groom and must fall anywhere between the hours of 11AM and 11PM. Becky and Nicholas celebrated their special day while being on the property from 2PM to 9PM. The ceremony was earlier than the traditional wedding ceremony. Most of our couples have a ~4:30PM ceremony time. Having an earlier ceremony allowed for the glowing effect you can see happening in the evergreens in the third picture below. Having an early ceremony also allowed Becky and Nicholas to have more time in the sun after the ceremony, including their first dance. For Becky and Nicholas, their favorite part of the wedding day was having their first look at on top of a mountain. They exchanged love letters during this first look making the moment even that much more sentimental. This couple is from the Midwest where they don't have mountains like the Rocky Mountains. Often, mountains are used as a metaphor for the many opportunities and possibilities that come with life, and having their first look on top of a mountain is certainly a way to see the new horizons that come with new beginnings. Another way Becky and Nicholas wanted her wedding to be unique is to make it simplistic and sentimental for her and her family. Becky brought two children into this marriage and this day wasn't just about Becky marrying Nicholas but also Nicholas becoming an official part of the kids' lives as well. This is a sentimental gesture that brings tears to our eyes. Below you can find photos of Nicholas and Becky dancing as a family with both children! This day wasn't just about becoming husband and wife but becoming a family. Family is obviously important when all of your guests commute from all over the world for this special day. A huge thank you to Lindy Hickman for helping Becky and Nicholas's wedding vision be captured forever! And thank you to all the other wedding vendors who made this wedding day possible. You can find links to all the vendors below the photos.



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