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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

How many weddings have you attended until now? Two, three, thirty?

If you’ve been to a handful of weddings already, you probably know the drill already and you most likely know what the “basic” wedding feels like. You probably also know you wouldn’t want all that for your own Big Day too – but how do you go beyond all that and create a truly remarkable event your guests will continue to talk about two, three, and even three hundred weeks from now?

We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

· It’s really not just the DJ. Naturally, you want a wedding DJ or band that will keep everyone’s toes on the dance floor. But what about adding some kind of special entertainment into the mix? For instance, hiring a caricature artist is bound to make people line up before him to have their caricature portraits done – and what better way to socialize with the other guests when taking a break from all the dancing?

· It’s really not just the dinner either. It doesn’t even matter if you will serve a seated dinner, a buffet, or a family-style dinner – the point is that you should add a bit of surprise to the mix as well. It might be a special DIY bar (with, let’s say, DIY doughnuts where guests get the simple doughnuts and a variety of toppings they can add to them as they please). Or it might be a trendy food truck (e.g. an ice cream truck would be amazing on a hot summer day!). Or it might simply be a late night snack (because who doesn’t love a slice of cheesy pizza after all that dancing?).

· It’s really not just about the adults only. If you want to invite children at your wedding, make sure they are just as well-entertained as their parents are. For starters, they are just as much your guests as the adults are, so they definitely deserve to be treated royally. Even more than that, giving kids something to do during the reception will keep them out of trouble’s way – and that will help their parents relax and enjoy themselves better too.

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