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Wildflower Rendezvous

As a luxury mountain venue right on the creek, Blackstone Rivers Ranch has seen many a bride and groom who use the surrounding beauty of the Rocky Mountain foothills to their matrimonial advantage. However, Sedona and Jared simply blew us away with their wildflower theme and their rustic accompaniments.

Stunning in a timeless white gown, her long, beautiful train trailing behind her, Sedona gracefully glided towards her beloved. Dashing in his classic black suit, Jared anxiously awaited the gentle tap on his shoulder. Spinning about, his face absolutely lit up, he took in his beautiful bride. Twirling her about as she giggled, he finally took her in his arms as he dramatically captured her lips with his. The two lost in their own little world as they exchanged private promises on ribboned cards, explored the various trout ponds, the wooden bridges, and the beautiful woodland around the venue as their photographer captured moment after moment.

Hating to be parted from one another for even a minute, they took their time together before the gentle sounds of music called the groom away to the ceremony. Taking his place before an incredible arch of wildflowers, all vibrant color and stunning whimsy, Jared watched as many of their friends and family walked down the aisle, one after another. Until finally, his eyes searching until he had found hers, his face broke out into an illuminating grin. Barely choking back emotion, Sedona, arm in arm with her father, glided down the aisle. Despite their many friends and family, the moment she locked eyes with her intended, the world seemed to stop existing. Finally clasping hands, they stared lovingly into each other’s eyes. Their vows a solemn promise that they sealed with a kiss.

Explosive cheers, ear-piercing whistling, and lots of clapping echoed through the mountains as they were pronounced man and wife. Raising their hands in a combination of joy and triumph, they two sashayed back down the aisle. The live painter, having attempted to lock in every look, every color, every lovely moment still furiously blending colors as he tried to capture everything.

With various members of the bride and groom’s family and friends being pulled for photos, guests enjoyed a variety of delicious appetizers as well as the couple’s signature drink by the roaring fire as well as the bustling creek just a few feet from the twinkling lights of the bar and cocktail area.

The brilliance of the sun fading away everyone happily retired to the reception area under the huge white tent. Decorated with budding flower beds, wildflowers in wooden containers, long tapered candles inside glass vases, and a wild splash of color, the entire reception area was a timeless vision. With all of their friends and family gathering around, Sedona and Jared finally signed their marriage certificate to the joy of everyone. With a focus on their stomachs and the amazing smell of food drifting through the tent, everyone found their tables amid lots of toasting and well wishes, though it didn’t seem as though there was a dry eye in the entire venue.

The romantic glow of fairly lights strewn throughout the reception tent and wooden columns, it wasn’t long before everyone was dancing and laughing the night away.

Wedding Photos By: Jamie Beth Photography


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