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YES! You can still host a dream Colorado riverfront wedding during COVID-19!

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

The 2020 wedding season has been truly painful for couples and the wedding industry! In April, we weren't certain we would be able to host weddings at all this year. But alas, the sun shone upon our incredible 100% outdoor luxury wedding venue at Blackstone Rivers Ranch.

We were able to host many incredible outdoor weddings in 2020 - both large and small. And they were truly breathtaking! Our committed couples found incredibly charming ways to celebrate their love, while toning down the party, in order to keep all their friends and loved ones safe.

As some of our couples cancelled or rescheduled their events, we had a handful of prime dates available for new couples to secure. DO YOU STILL WANT TO GET MARRIED BEFORE COVID IS OVER? Maybe a better question is...will covid be with us forever? If it will, why wait? As noted, our venue is outdoors - nothing else will do if an open-air event is what you desire to offer your guests as many options as possible to socially distance, and still celebrate YOU. =) ARE YOU LONGING FOR A 100% OUTDOOR, LUXURY, RIVERFRONT MOUNTAIN WEDDING VENUE TO CELEBRATE YOUR LOVE IN STYLE? Email us today for more information! We were able to host up to 175 of your most loved family and friends throughout the summer/fall 2020 season - far more than most other venues due to our setup. We would love to tour you around the venue!

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I just returned from a beautiful petite wedding. It was picture book ! The glistening snow covered ground and the snow covering the trees made this outside wedding absolutely beautiful! The heaters and fireplace helped with the cold and the bride was gorgeous ! I feel pictures of this wedding capture how beautiful this venue is and should be shown on this website!

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