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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Photographer: Michele with One L Photography

Your wedding venue and your conduct when present, is one of the things that will lead to the success of your wedding. Sometimes, couples get so busy with wedding planning that they forget about what happens on the day itself. Kind of like working hard to get to the top and not knowing what to do when you get there. We’ve put together the following tips on things that you should avoid doing at your wedding venue, to help make your wedding a success. Blackstone Rivers Ranch is the best location for your wedding in Colorado. We’re a lowlander friendly venue located on the Rocky Mountain Front Range which is perfectly situated just 35 minutes west of Denver.

Now, for the tips on things not to do at your wedding venue:

Leave your guests confused

When inviting your guests to your wedding, be specific about things like the exact location so that they do not spend hours and hours going about trying to find you. Our venue is ready to work with you to provide the appropriate signage and verbiage to help you with this.

Fix your reception start time too far from the ceremony

The lull between your ceremony and your reception can be filled with photographing and cocktails. However, if the time is too long, those things soon finish and your guests are left with wondering what to do. Depending on how long the time is, your guests might even decide to skip your ceremony and only attend the reception! We think that the perfect timeline is having your ceremony, scheduling photographs and cocktails and then starting your reception immediately afterward. Our location has facilities for both your ceremony and reception to help you with this.

Seat the elderly close to the speakers

You most likely already have this covered with your wedding planner and your seating chart, but we’d just like to do this as a reminder. The older you get, the more wedding events are times for socialization. Your elderly guests will leave unsatisfied and unhappy if they spent the whole wedding trying to hear each other over the sound of music and announcements.

When it comes to the perfect location for your wedding in Colorado, Blackstone Rivers Ranch is the place for you. Our location is a place of love, magic, and wonder and we’ll make sure this is a theme in your wedding too. Contact us today!


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