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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

We live in a world where having a bilingual or multiethnic wedding is not the exception anymore. These kinds of unions happen all the time and prove to the entire planet that love is all you need to be happy and that love does move beyond borders, beyond language, beyond cultural differences.

If you, too, are among the happy couples planning a bilingual wedding, congratulations! Celebrating your heritage at your wedding is a wonderful way to show pride in who you are, and it will help make sure your families are truly immersed into the entire Big Day experience.

What are some of the things you could do to make your bilingual wedding dream come true? We have 4 of the best ideas for you.

· Bilingual stationery. Create your invitations and day-of stationery to include both of the languages you speak. This will give a great head-start for the Big Day and it will give people on both sides of the family the chance to feel fully embraced.

· Professional interpreting. Afraid your grandma won’t be able to make much of the wedding ceremony? Hire an interpreter for those members of the family who might not speak or understand the main language spoken during the ceremony. This can be something discrete, like an interpreter translating the ceremony into headphones you can give to your family members.

· Embrace the other culture. Why not surprise your future spouse and their family by saying something in their native language? Even a sentence said during the wedding vows can bring tears to their eyes!

· Move beyond the actual language. Embrace each other’s cultures, foods, music. Make this a multicultural wedding – an experience that incorporates where both of you come from in a harmonious and beautiful way. Make your wedding an experience that will be absolutely unique for every single guest who spends their time celebrating your love story!

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