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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Here at Blackstone Rivers Ranch, we believe that every couple deserves to have a wedding that truly mirrors who they are – so we encourage our brides and grooms to be unique in everything wedding-related.

That doesn’t mean that wedding trends aren’t inspiring! On the contrary, knowing the most recent wedding trends will help you create a fresh and original event – the kind your guests will truly appreciate!

What are some of the best wedding trends of 2019? We have gathered them right below – continue reading if you want to find out more.

· Unique color combinations. Now that Pantone’s Color of the Year is known (welcome, Living Coral!), it is time to create unique color themes based on it. Normally, this color would be associated with other soft pastels or neutrals – but in 2019, we are bound to see very special color combinations that surprise and delight. For instance, Living Coral could go very well with a muted shade of blue and some pops of orange and red – a color scheme your guests will definitely love.

· Simplicity and minimalism. We’ve seen a lot of over-the-top weddings in the last couple of years – and while they were definitely spectacular, it seems that this trend is slowly fading out, leaving more room for simple elegance. In wedding gowns and wedding décor, this new trend will slowly step in and make itself known (just look at Meghan Markle’s wedding dress and you will understand just how big this trend will be!).

· Eclectic bridesmaids. Matching your bridesmaids’ dresses is out – welcome completely mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses! The easiest way to go about this is to give your bridesmaids some vague guidelines (e.g. wearing warm colors, or a certain kind of pattern). They will look so unique – and they will feel so great because you allowed them to wear the kind of dresses that suit them best!

· Special diet-based wedding menus. In terms of food, couples are getting more and more aware of the fact that a lot of their guests follow special diets (e.g. vegan or vegetarian). As a consequence, we will see more wedding menus adapted to these lifestyles!

Looking for a truly beautiful wedding venue in the Colorado Mountains? Contact Blackstone Rivers Ranch and come visit our superb riverfront mountain wedding venue. We guarantee you will love it so much here that you will want to book us right away!


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