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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Color is a hugely important element in anyone’s life – one we can barely imagine living without, and one that can actually influence our mood, or the ambiance around us.

That is precisely why choosing a pretty wedding color scheme is so essential for the successful planning of such an event. Of course, there are a lot of trends – and they change each year. Beyond all that though, your wedding should feel just as you want it to feel. And if a black and white color scheme seems more appropriate for your type of elegance and style, then so be it.

How to pull off a black and white Colorado wedding without being dull? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

· The cake. Let’s face it: cake can never be dull, no matter what. The great news about a black and white cake is that you have a truly endless range of possibilities when it comes to decorating it. A simple white cake with just a few black accents, a white buttercream cake with white and black anemones as décor, a fondant-covered cake with painted black designs to suit your wedding theme – as we said before, it’s a really, really generous range of options you can choose from.

· The accessories. Adding black accessories to your white wedding dress doesn’t have to feel boring at all. A pair of sparkly black earrings, a pair of white shoes with a black accent, or even a black gold wedding ring – they can all be part of your bridal ensemble. And we bet it will all make you feel drop down gorgeous, especially since black and white is a color combination that can NEVER (and WILL NEVER) go out of fashion.

· The bridesmaids. The thing with choosing to dress your bridesmaids in black is that it will flatter all of them. Plus, you can dress them in anything ranging from short party dresses for a casual wedding, or on extra-long, sexy black glitter gowns for a very glamorous event. Either way, they will feel excellent wearing these black dresses – and they have the possibility of wearing them to other events as well, so they won’t feel like paying a small fortune on gowns they only wear once.

Have you booked your wedding venue yet? If you want to have a stunning Big Day in the Colorado Mountains, be sure to contact Blackstone Rivers Ranch. Our riverfront mountain wedding is exactly what you need if you want your wedding to feel AMAZING from every point of view!


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