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Updated: Feb 13, 2020

When you envision your Wedding Day, what are the most memorable moments you think about? Most brides will say The Bridal Walk…. that THIS is the actual moment that the wedding day is all about. I think we can definitely agree!

The Bridal Walk is one of the biggest moments of your day because it is in those few minutes that you are fully present for the first time all day. All the details that you have worked tirelessly on for the past year of your life leave your mind. All you have standing before you is your soon-to-be spouse, and your friends and family, who are eager to celebrate your marriage. Everything is as it should be – your hair, your dress, your makeup. And even if it isn’t all absolutely perfect, it doesn’t matter because you are joyful just to be present in the moment. All eyes are on you because in all your glory, THIS is your moment!

At Blackstone, there is a deep appreciation for capturing this special moment in all its beauty. There are several ways a bride can make her grand Bridal Entrance, each of them being unique in their own way!

· A bride may choose to enter from the Pavilion and walk down the paved sidewalk. Our sidewalk is an easy walk so for someone who is not as stable on gravel, this wide cement walkway will work well!

· A bride may choose to walk down the gravel driveway and onto the ceremony site. A photographer will get amazing pictures of the mountainside full of aspens behind the bride as she walks. This is a beautiful, rustic option.

· Lastly, and our favorite, a bride may be dropped off on the opposite side of our beautiful, reclaimed wood, 12 foot tall bridge, and make her grand entrance there. If you want a truly GRAND entrance, this is your best option. Guests are able to watch you walk for a longer amount of time, and your fiance does not see you in full view until you turn the corner to walk down the isle. It is a beautiful metaphor of crossing the bridge!

Although each option is beautiful, walking across the bridge and around the crowd is a favorite. Which Bridal Entrance will you choose? How will you walk down the isle at Blackstone Rivers Ranch?

Photo: Selah Photography


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