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Updated: May 22, 2019

After all the wedding planning and all the stress and anxiety surrounding the importance of this special event, you will want to relax with your loved one and spend moments of sheer happiness on your honeymoon.

How to plan it, though? How to pull off the perfect honeymoon? What are some of the most important questions to ask yourselves? Read on and find out more.

· Do you want to leave immediately after the wedding? Some couples decide to postpone their honeymoons for a bit, and it’s totally fine if you have to or want to do this as well. No rush – take your time, breathe in, enjoy your married life and go on your honeymoon whenever it is most suitable for both of you. You will be on such a natural high after your wedding day, why not bask in it for a bit?

· Do you want to visit a place in your own country, or abroad? This is a very important question to ask yourselves early in the planning process. If you decide to go somewhere in your own country, you can absolutely pull it off without the help of a travel agency (if you have enough time to plan everything, of course). If, however, you decide to travel abroad, it is may be best for you to call for the services of a specialized agency to help you with all the details – it may be easier and safer this way. And you can make certain to hit all the highlights!

· Last, but definitely not least, do you want to visit a new place, or a place you already love? If you have a specific spot that is really meaningful for your relationship, and if you want to return to it, you can definitely opt for this. It’s your choice!

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